Cala Bona Bay Mallorca poster print

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Cala Bona is a more relaxed tourist resort on Mallorca’s East coast that makes a great holiday destination for families and couples. Starting out as a small fishing village, it steadily grew in size and now has a harbour area that can dock almost 200 smaller boats. 

One of Cala Bona’s key selling points is the beach. It’s over 2 kilometres in total, made up of sandy areas and rockier coves. Away from the sea front you’ll discover that the resort itself has a blend of modern chic and traditional Mallorcan charm, so there’s something to satisfy everyone. 

A mini train runs through the resort and connects Cala Bona with the nearby resorts of Cala Millor and Costa dels Pins. It’s also a short drive away from one of Mallorca’s most popular tourist attractions, the Caves of Drach, where you can take in a concert at one of the world’s biggest underground lakes.

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